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Today begins a set of posts to present the contents of my latest book, The Path to the Cross (ISBN 978-0-9830658-4-5), available for purchase at Initially we will only cover the introductory material and include a book review. Going forward, a new chapter will be posted every week with the first starting 10/5/2011.

The first three chapters may be a bit difficult for some readers because they are based on an unfamiliar method of Jewish biblical interpretation called midrash. To help resolve that problem I have prepared a post describing midrash. You will get even more out of the book if you read it first.

Be ready to learn some things about Jesus that you may not have known before!

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Books: Stanley D. Toussaint reviews The Path to the Cross

“The Path to the Cross is a simple and comparatively brief exposition of the life of the Lord Jesus from his birth to his resurrection with appropriate and relevant applications to life. Not all would agree with Applewhite’s use of [the Jewish interpretive technique called] midrash in the early chapters of Matthew, but they are presented in an interesting fashion. Barry Applewhite draws on all four Gospels and makes them pertinent to everyday experiences. The scholarship in the book is wrapped in simple language; everyone can benefit from this work.”

— Stanley D. Toussaint, Senior Professor Emeritus of Bible Exposition, Dallas Theological Seminary

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The journey of Jesus that shook the world
and still demands a response

Barry Applewhite

Biblical Concepts Press
Plano, Texas

Copyright © 2011 by Barry Applewhite. All rights reserved worldwide.

ISBN: 978-0-9830658-4-5

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Chapter 1  A Blessing in Disguise (Matt. 1:18–25)

          Jesus’ birth afflicts Joseph

Chapter 2  When You Can’t See the Bottom Line (Matt. 2:1–10)

          Jesus’ royalty threatens Herod

Chapter 3  The Sword-Pierced Heart (Matt. 2:13–23)

          Jesus’ mission afflicts Mary

Chapter 4  Final Exam (Luke 4:1–12)

          Jesus defeats demonic temptation

Chapter 5  The Last Word (Luke 6:36–42)

          Jesus limits judging others

Chapter 6  The Number One Killer (Luke 8:4–18)

          Jesus analyzes the heart

Chapter 7  Conflicting Signals (John 7:1–9; Luke 4:42–44; Mark 1:35–42)

          Jesus pleases the Father

Chapter 8  What’s in it for me? (Luke 14:1–14)

          Jesus models loving others

Chapter 9  Wise Nonsense (Mark 10:15–31)

          Jesus changes the unchangeable

Chapter 10  A Big Difference (Mark 10:35–52)

          Jesus commends serving others

Chapter 11  Stress Test (John 18:33–19:16)

          Jesus’ trial mocks justice

Chapter 12  An X-Ray of Reality (Luke 23:32–49)

          Jesus’ death dictates choices

Chapter 13  Not in Vain (Luke 23:50–24:8)

          Jesus’ resurrection promises meaning

[INTRODUCTION follows . . . ]

The Path to the Cross: Introduction

Jesus of Nazareth shook this world to its foundations! The world has never stopped reacting to his miraculous birth and resurrection, and many are still struggling to grasp his eternal significance.

In thirteen short chapters we will survey the life of Jesus from his birth to his resurrection. Along the way you will read fresh insights from the four Gospels, and some of them will surprise you. No matter how much you love and worship Jesus, he is even more amazing than you think!

The book falls into three sections which are roughly in chronological order. Chapters 1–3 cover the biblical background Matthew suggests for the birth of Christ in Bethlehem. Be prepared to go beyond the neat little story presented in the Christmas pageant at your church, because Matthew’s Gospel shows you a more stressful context for Jesus’ birth and early life.

Chapters 4–10 present Jesus’ temptation by Satan followed by several of his essential teachings. The disciples were reeling under the changes Jesus was showing them! Chapter 9 highlights some of the brain-twisting methods Jesus used to make his points.

Chapters 11–13 explain Jesus’ puzzling trial before the Roman governor, Pontius Pilate, and then detail how his death on the cross and bodily resurrection from the dead altered the prospects for all humanity.

In every chapter, you will have an opportunity to apply what Jesus is teaching to your life. Even the birth narrative offers practical lessons for a rewarding life by accessing God’s gracious care.

The path to the cross was challenging, and following that path will cause your faith in Jesus to grow. His journey demands a response, so in the next post we’ll get started!

Copyright © 2011 Barry Applewhite. All rights reserved worldwide.

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