RE: “Is God your ‘biggest fan’?” by Roger Olson

Check out this link to get an insightful post by Roger E. Olson on trivializing the gospel.

Olson tells about an article he picked up in a consumer setting that made a clumsy attempt to sell the reader on God by presenting God as “your biggest fan.”  Olson does a fine job of showing how the article dishonors God and fails to represent him in a biblical way.

Alongside this woeful trend toward trivializing the gospel is the one that wants to make the gospel a consumer product. It is as if the consumer goes to the store and gets some cereal, some milk, and a little container of God, flavored to their personal taste. Just the way you like it!

It is hard to see how Christians can be a light to the world if all they do is try to seamlessly blend in with the culture and give no offense. I doubt Jesus is going to be very patient with such weak faith.

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