Books: Forged by Bart Ehrman is reviewed by Darrell Bock

In my previous post about Bart Ehrman’s book Forged, available here, I directed attention to Ben Witherington’s extensive review of Ehrman’s latest book. I should also have mentioned Darrell Bock’s serial posts on the same topic, available [link deleted due to malware report]. Bock is a well-known New Testament scholar at Dallas Theological Seminary and has authored commentaries on the Gospel of Luke and the book of Acts, along with many other fine books.

Bock and Witherington agree that Ehrman is not only wrong but also less than candid in his analysis. Ehrman claims than many New Testament books are not written by those who are reputed to be the authors. So, according to Ehrman, Paul did not write the letters ascribed to him and the same is true of Peter, just to pick two authors as examples. But Ehrman is not correct, as Bock and Witherington ably show.

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