Books: Worm by Mark Bowden

No, this is not a book about Christian theology or the Bible. The subtitle of the book Worm by Mark Bowden is “The first digital world war.” To read and hear a fascinating interview with the author, use this link.

Bowden explains the emergence of the Internet worm known as Conficker, discovered at Stanford University in 2008. An estimated twelve million computers around the world are thought to be infected by Conficker, insidious software that takes control of the computer whenever the hacker wants. To determine whether your computer has been infected, you may go to this Web page created by the Conficker Working Group to combat the problem. Just by looking at that page in your browser and reading the description there, you will know whether you have a problem or not. Sounds too easy, but it is clever work!

Not only is Bowden’s tale fascinating and scary, but it has some relevance to our daily lives and the earth’s future. Think for a moment how dependent you are on the Internet and how dependent the world economy is on both the Internet and computer networks. How would your life change if the Internet became unusable? What if the good guys were unable to get the Internet working again in any reasonable period of time?

Chapter 18 of the Book of Revelation tells about the sudden collapse of the world system called “Babylon the great” (Rev. 18:4-19). The description reveals a world-spanning economic arrangement that falls in a single hour never to rise again. How is that possible? God has any number of ways to do it, but now there are ways that evil people can threaten world stability. In the currently weak state of the world economy, dangers of all kinds become greater.

How should a Christian respond to all this? Stay close to Christ and be watchful for his return as you live your life and serve his kingdom. Technology will not and cannot save you. But Jesus can and will!

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