Bible: The Dead Sea Scrolls — The Isaiah Scroll

If you have ever been curious about the Dead Sea Scrolls, you would enjoy looking at the newly available online study tools available here. What you will see is the Great Isaiah Scroll, arguably the greatest find of the collection. This particular manuscript is estimated to date from 125 BCE (“before the common era”). [As you probably know, many secular sources use BCE instead of B.C. (“before Christ”) to avoid acknowledging Jesus!]

By clicking on some part of the scroll, you will learn what part of Isaiah that verse comes from and get an English translation made by Jewish scholars. Keep in mind that Hebrew reads from right to left, and that will also help you understand why the numbers beneath the scroll also go from right to left.

The authors of this site give some information about how the Isaiah scroll compares with the currently accepted Hebrew text of Isaiah.  Most of the variants involve spellings of people and places, and that is common in manuscripts. This scroll has been a factor of the latest English translations of the Bible.

The site is a joint project by The Israel Museum, Jerusalem and Google. This is an amazing time to be alive!

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