Solid Article on Patriotism and Nationalism (Roger E. Olson)

I recommend you take time to read the remarks of Roger E. Olson on the interplay of patriotism and nationalism. A lot of Christians are really confused about which kingdom should have their primary allegiance. These folks are willing to cast aside their biblical values if those values conflict with a certain political philosophy.

In particular, I find it appalling that some Christians pour out on President Obama what I can only describe as hatred and venom. I’m not talking about disagreements about policies. (There has never been a president or party whose policies met with my complete approval.) In fact, it’s not hard to guess the kind of vile attacks being criticized here.

When Christians speak about political issues, they should first determine whether their policy positions square with the teachings of Jesus and the New Testament. The teachings of Jesus and the New Testament are infused with love and grace, but a lot of policies are loveless and grace-free. If the policy position of a Christian cannot include the expressed values of Christ, their cherished policy position needs to be thrown over the side! As far as I can see, no political party represents the cause of Christ, so there is no warrant for Christians to behave like pagans in the political arena.

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